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Why People Have Chosen Us


PERSONAL ATTENTION - from the publisher and the editorial team.

With Kima Global our authors get personal attention. We are a small but highly dedicated and experienced team. You will not feel as though you are being 'processed' as might happen with a larger publisher.
We take care. It is important to us that authors love their book and continue to support it. That's why we take every care to make sure that the book is professionally produced and thus continues to be supported by the author.

We have the widest possible exposure, and sell your book throug stores in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. You will also find our titles on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Kalahari SA and quite a number of independent online sellers as well as our own e-commerce enabled website.

Over the years we have developed relationships with quite a number of reliable publishers. We make every effort to sell your book into other languages and territories.

Your book will be available at all major 'physical' book stores (chains or franchises) and online bookshops.
Your entrée to the bigger publishers. Most big publishing houses do not consider unsolicited manuscripts.
Finding the right (or any) Literary Agent is not easy either, and it can be costly.
If a writer feels they need some help before presenting us their manuscript, we can recommend our own literary agent.

It is easier to sell a book to a big publisher if all the work has already been done by us. We do however expect the manuscript to be edited for spelling and grammar before it reaches us.
Join our family of authors. We regard all our authors as extended family so we always do our best to support them.


  • Editorial help. We have a network of professional editors who can help you shape your MS into something special

  • Layout and design is done in house in our art department.

  • Cover design is likewise done by our art department.

  • Illustrations are usually developed from the elements used in the cover design. If the author requires special illustrations it is the responsibility of the author to provide these in a high DPI resolution.

  • Networking. We offer a complete social networking site for the benefit of our authors: They can use it to develop a network, promote their book or work through forum discussions, or announce their workshops or public talks.
    Our readers are also welcome to join our NEWSLETTER AND NEWSPAPER


We regard marketing as a co-operative venture together with our authors, BUT...

  • Trade Shows and Expos: We usually exhibit at quite a few Expos during the year, and welcome authors on our stand to help promote their book(s).

  • Magazines: We do our best to gain reviews in suitable magazines. We often offer prizes and give aways in magazines.

  • Newsletters: We send out monthly newsletters to subscribers and to bookshops. We usually ask our authors for their database so that we can keep their supporters up to date with the activities of the author. The integrity of the database is closely guarded. Subscribers are also welcome to join the Kima Global newsletter as well.

  • Advertising is taken in suitable media and in wholesalers catalogs around the world.

  • Google: Kima Global is a Google Print Partner, so all our books are loaded onto this program. It helps to get your book more widely known.

  • Ebooks: All our printed titles are since 2011 formatted into epub for all ereaders and for kindle.

Our books are printed in the following countries: The USA, the UK, South Africa and Australia. Printing close to our customers decreases both the delivery time and the cost of delivery. All our titles may be ordered at bookshops or through various on line portals including our own eCommerce enabled web site, Amazon, Amazon UK,, Alibris and other online bookshops.


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