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What Genres Do We Publish?


Under the Kima Global Logo imprint - We publish books on Body, Mind & Spirit subjects like: Alternative healing modalities/ Psychology / counseling and coaching. Wellness approach in Business.
Esoteric subjects like: Angels / Astrology / Numerology / I Ching, Tarot / the Kabbala / Palm reading / New Thought / Chirology, and any other alternative written topics like: Parenting / Education / Healing / Philosophy / Art therapy / practical spirituality and Self help topics.

We publish any topic that makes a difference to people's lives. This does not include religious subjects.
Example: If your submission is all about a religious faith like: Hinduism, Christianity or Judaism to name a few, because you like to promote these belief systems,we will advise you that you will do better with a publisher who specializes in your faith.

Under the Perfect Planet imprint - We publish books on: World healing / Planetary / Environmental / Nature - permaculture / U.F.O. or any conspiracy theories and any topic that deals with sustainability, environmental subjects, civil society etc.


  • if your submission reflects that you found a unique way to holistically prepare meals that will benefit the human race, we might want to read your full manuscript.

  • If you written a manuscript about an alternative way to trade with others, or how you can set it up.

Under the imprint: THE POWER OF WORDS we publish Visionary Fiction. Spiritual fantasy fiction and story books with an alternative spiritual theme for children and young adults. If you send us your submission which happens to be a historical romance we will not ask for your full manuscript because we are not geared to market that kind of book.

For the moment we do not take on any manuscripts that require to be printed in full color, like for young children books, unless there is an investment to go for a large print run.
We find that due to our economic climate, large print runs in our genre take too long to move from our shelves, so we print digitally, and run a few hundred at the time, unless we have orders for 1000 or more.

How to submit your manuscript

Ideally your proposal should contain:

  • A detailed synopsis of the book, structure and content and chapter outline with two sample chapters of the book you propose and by what time-frame you can provide us with the whole manuscript and in what form, i.e. soft copy or hard copy. The synopsis should also specify the unique traits of your work which you believe has a competitive edge over titles of other publishers. If photographs or illustrations accompany your book, it would help us to know whether these are to be provided by you or obtained from outside sources.

  • Author details as to whether you are a first-time author or a published author. If you are a published author, please provide us with details of the said book(s) and concerned publisher(s).

  • A query letter with the detailed synopsis should include what you think is the potential market for the book proposed by you, whether you can help us promote and market the book through your own network and your suggestion on the number of copies which you intend to sell per annum. The query letter should also comprise your contact address, mail id and phone number for communication purposes.

  • You can send the complete manuscript to us only when we ask you to do so.

  • What is the word count of your manuscript?

Any extra information about you, the writer (author)

  • Information about the author (who are you and what qualifies you to write this book?)

  • What is your motivation for writing the book?

  • Who is the target market (who would buy this book?)

  • Why would someone buy this book?

  • What's different about it?

  • Do you have a format in mind i.e. the size of the book?

  • Anything else you think might be of interest.

It might take us a few weeks to reply, depending on our workload, but nothing stops you sending us an email after two weeks asking if we received your submission. 

  • If we are interested we wil ask you to  Attach two sample chapters, and send it to us through email.

Must your manuscript be finished?

Not necessary, but we do need to see enough of your manuscript to know if its for our market. If we like it but we feel you need a editorial agent, we will recommend you to our contacts.

Contact Us for more information.

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