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The Birth Of A Book


After a manuscript has been accepted, the publishers will draw up a publishing contract after everything has been agreed on from both sides. This is usually done through email or and phone.

If we feel that the manuscript needs to be re-written or edited, we will suggest the use of our writing coach Jimmy Henderson. If the changes are minor, we will ask the author to do it themselves. Usually during this time a style sheet has been created. This gives the new author an idea how their book will look like inside. That is often very helpful. Now the author knows how to adjust chapters, or change headings or have more sub headings. Then the manuscript is ready for type setting.

The first step is to design the text layout of the new book.The structure - what font - and the book title and subtitle are decided upon. Sometimes titles and subtitles need changing to suit the marketplace. The next step is that the new author receives a PDF file of the layout. Some re-writing might have to be done by the author, now that a clearer vision has been reached of what the book will look like inside. (any illustrations will be created if we feel it will enhance the book, or the author has provided us with images and a clear instruction next to which text it has to appear. Now it is ready for typesetting.

Typesetting can take up to 3 months, depending on the complexity and size of the book. We offer 3 proofreading opportunities that are emailed to the new author.

The first proof is read by our proofreader either before or simultaneously with the author or the author's own proofreader. Any changes are noted and acted upon.
The second proof PDF file the author has to read his or her book in every detail.( to check if the changes have been made) Any typos or spelling errors must be found ( in case any have been overlooked).
The third and last proof PDF file is for signing off.

The author is also required to sign off the cover. We need 100% satisfaction from both publisher and author before we proceed to print.

The author always holds the copyright. We as publishers hold the print rights, and the ebook (epub, pdf) distribution rights according to our agreement.


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