Just Kidding - Whole Parents, Complete Children (E-book)

Just Kidding - Whole Parents, Complete Children (E-book)
Author: Rosalind Stone
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Teach your children honour which leads to self-esteem and self-worth through the power of love, is the message of the book. This is a book for parents and care-givers to learn how to instill deep seated values in children. Complete holistic parenting.

There can be no more satisfying task than seeing your children grow up as complete and independent people without problems and hang-ups. The various stages of growth from infancy to young adulthood and the problems likely to be encountered are covered.
About the Author

Rosalind Stone
Rosalind Stone draws on her own profound personal experience to explain the cyclical development of our chakras, and how that determines the reality we experience through our life. As a mother and veterinary nurse, Rosalind observes that children and animals respond well to the application of her philosophies.

With more than twenty years of experience in family counseling, Rosalind and has a wealth of wisdom to offer..


Book Details
ISBN 9781920535629
Sub-Title Whole Parents, Complete Children
Format E-book (epub)
Pages 125
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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