A Light Being's Journey

A Light Being's Journey
Author: Roger Nichols
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The fascinating untold history of the Earth from the perspective of a Higher Consciousness Being. A history of the world from creation to the present day from a spiritual perspective. Includes spiritual solutions to present day world problems.

The author hopes that through this book you will rekindle a friendship to a very true, very old and most dearest and precious of friends – ‘yourself’ and in doing so maybe you will be able to find just a little bit more of yourself; how truly wondrous you are, how to find your individuality and yet at the same time to realise that you are a part of an enormous whole and that too is wondrous, for it links us all to the common cause.

About the Author

Roger Nichols

Roger Nichols born in Bedford, UK emigrated to Australia in 1972. Now retired and lives in Western Australia with his wife Anne and Birman cat Teller. 

Deeply involved in the renaissance of interest in the New Age and meditation areas that stimulated many in Australia in the 1980’s both as practitioner and teacher. 

Roger has travelled extensively especially in the UK and Europe guided by ‘Spiritual Friends’ to important ancient sites and energies.  He is now compiling a list of those experiences and the information provided to him at these places which is being detailed on his website http://alightbeingsjourney.com.

Book Details
ISBN 9781920535223
Format Paperback
Pages 234
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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