Rules of Creation from a Parallel Universe (E-book)

Rules of Creation from a Parallel Universe (E-book)
Author: Avner Kornblum
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A book full of wisdom we all wish our children would learn at school, not in later life.

In Mount Hotwater, a small village on planet Earth, a primary school teacher Lena Sallows is suddenly taken ill and is rushed to Hospital. Nobody knew how Josh, the replacement teacher, was appointed. He never talked about himself, but always successfully deflected personal questions right back to the questioner, or converted them into philosophical debates. From the day Josh began sharing these visionary stories, a gradual awakening took place in his 15 students, permanently affecting their lives and that of Planet Earth.

About the Author
Avner KornblumAvner Ivor Kornblum is a teacher and writer in the field of metaphysics, a practitioner of Holistic Healing and a spiritual counselor. He has conducted public lectures, seminars and training courses on the healing power of the mind, on three continents and is a sought-after facilitator of The Transformation Game. He introduced A Course in Miracles to South Africa in 1983, led study groups in England, where he practiced as a psychotherapist from 1986 to 1991, and brought it to Spain in 1991. Born in South Africa, he holds a degree from the University of Cape Town, and an AMA, recognised diploma in sexual dysfunction therapy from Loyola University, Chicago.
Book Details
ISBN 0958480079
Sub-Title From a Parallel Universe
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 314
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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