Hunting with the Heart - A Vision Quest to Spiritual Emergence (E-book)

Hunting with the Heart - A Vision Quest to Spiritual Emergence (E-book)
Author: Graham Saayman
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Hunting with the Heart is an unusually diverse book. Graham Saayman writes with the conviction of personal experience of out of body experiences, spiritual emergence and personal development through holistic experiences. The opening chapters tell the story behind his research as a behavioural scientist on African baboons, dolphins and whales during the 1960’s and 1970’s, when anthropologists first suggested that naturalistic studies of long-lived, large-brained mammals might illuminate the origins of the human family system.

About the Author

Graham Saayman
As Professor of Psychology at the University of Cape Town (1974-1989), he was one of the first behavioural scientists to introduce Jungian thought to university-based research and to connect ethology to Analytical Psychology. His research group conducted laboratory studies on the relationship between meditation and the archetypal content of nocturnal dreams.


Book Details
ISBN 81-8328-011-0
Sub-Title A Vision Quest to Spiritual Emergence
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 282 + images
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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