Working with Angels and Nature Spirits (E-book)

Working with Angels and Nature Spirits (E-book)
Author: Lorna Todd
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This book teaches us how to co-operate and work with the whole hierarchy of Angels as well as the Tree, Flower, Animal and Mineral Nature Spirits. Over 100 etheric beings are covered. Lorna is known as the Angel Lady. She takes us through this wonderful world, teaching us to connect with it and partake of its magic.
Readers learn all about the Angels and Archangels, the structure of their hierarchy, their functions, and how to make contact with them. The author,

  • Explores nature spirits of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.
  • Introduces how minerals relate to the chakras.
  • Includes meditations to meet and connect with these celestial beings.

About the Author

Lorna Todd
Lorna is a well known teacher in many countries, including Portugal, The Netherlands, Cyprus, South Africa and Australia. In her workshops she teaches people how to connect with their guides.

Book Details
ISBN 9790958406597
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 128
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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