Asthma and Allergies - The Definitive Guide to Natural Remedies

Asthma and Allergies - The Definitive Guide to Natural Remedies
Author: Hasnain Walji, Dr.
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Asthma and allergies are very common complaints which can be treated very successfully using natural health protocols. Natural health is an increasingly recognised way of supporting one of the most aspects of our lives; that of our health. This book offers essential advice on how to keep yourself healthy and how to deal with the condition that troubles you.

About the Author

Hasnain WaljiHasnain Walji, Ph.D. is an expert consultant on natural health and a researcher and writer specializing in nutrition and complementary therapies. A contributor to several journals on environmental and Third World consumer issues, Hasnain Walji was the founder and editor of "The Vitamin Connection –– an International Journal of Nutrition, Health and Fitness," published in the UK, Canada and Australia, focusing on the link between health and diet. He also launched "Healthy Eating," a consumer magazine focusing on the concept of optimum nutrition, and has written a script for a six-part television series, "The World of Vitamins," produced by a Danish Television company.

Dr. Hasnain Walji is the Program Director of Software Development Innovations, Inc. (Dallas, Texas), the publishers and developers of "The Natural Health Information System"TM which comprises an interactive suite of programs called NutriPlusTM and Health PlusTM. He lives and works in Texas.


Book Details
ISBN 9780987004871
Sub-Title The Definitive Guide to Natural Remedies
Format Paperback
Pages 100
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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