Meditations on the Language of Light (E-book)

Meditations on the Language of Light (E-book)
Author: Nadine May
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This is a fully colour illustrated e-book with the first 48 Language of Light Quality symbols to meditate on. Also included are 52 printable popup cards so the reader could mind-draw their own Soul Quality symbol cards. These meditative exercises can take the reader on an inner journey by tapping into the language of their Soul. Each soul quality key that we invite into our living experience will have an effect on our daily lives. These vibrational keys can unlock and release distorted thought-forms that have become set within our mind field.

The ebook can safely be be downloaded (it might take a few minutes ) if asked, just click on run. The password is Tieneke

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About the author

Nadine MayNadine was born in Holland, became an art therapist and nurse, emigrated to Australia with her family and four years later to South Africa which is still her home.
During the eighties she held a job as a part-time art teacher at a college in Port Elizabeth, while she wrote an art therapy course to help her students to discover the artist within themselves. This art therapy course was published in 2003 and republished in 2007 under the title: The Language of Light. ( video on the language of light)

From 1995 to 1999 she worked as a marriage guidance counselor while she entered the first chapter of her novel into the writers club of South Africa competition under the name of Nadine May. She was placed first in the Michael Brunner trophy section, first chapter of a novel, in 1999. Her first novel was published under the title: My Love We Are Going Home in 2001 by Kima Global Publishers. In 2007 her first novel was republished under the title The Awakening Clan.

Nadine's creative writing is backed by serious research on the times between 2012 onwards until 2020. The science of relativity and time, and how we as humans experience our realities, combined with her daily experience as the creative director of Kima Global Publishers, has enriched her outlook on life a great deal. These experiences confirmed to her that she is on the right path. She was told through a peak spiritual experience in the late seventies that she would write about these times and about the science behind physical immortality, which was then inconceivable to her. That our DNA is a literal frequency antennae that allows our aura to transmit and receive all sorts of soul and spiritual information, and connects all people in a matrix. The support from a higher source has now materialized in a way that she could never have conceived herself. Her upcoming novel in her Awakening to our Ascension Series titled: : Parallel Worlds. Tulanda's journal will be in print in 2013.


Book Details
Format E-book (executable file, password is: Tieneke)
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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