Exorcising the Tree of Evil (E-book)

Exorcising the Tree of Evil (E-book)
Author: William G. Gray
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This is a profound and enlightening treatise on the balance of Good and Evil as it relates to the stations on the tree of life. This book explains how one can use the Tree to transmute energy imbalances so as to become a better person and achieve a better quality of life. Well known for Western Magick and Qabalah, this book was previously published by Samuel Weiser in the U.S.A.

Polarity per se, is not only a normal fact of life in this world, but is also a necessity for evolution. Our continual struggle against every form of adversity has advanced all our forms of civilization and culture. By itself it is neither good nor bad, but just an essential of existence, especially if we intend to develop ourselves as spiritual beings. We need the battle between good and evil presented in specific quantities and qualities so that it will correct and compensate for all our shortcomings as creatures of consciousness intent on the improvement of our souls. In other words, it has to be a suitable battle for each individual case.

It was a very old theory that God created the Devil for the particular purpose of functioning as the spiritual adversary of mankind. His job was to test and try us with every kind of ,temptation, to go wrong and divert us from the direct path to divine perfection. Our resistance to these urges and correct reactions with them would build up enough spiritual strength and integrity to take us right to the top of the Tree of Life. Though this may not be literally true, it is a good plan to live as if it were, which is also true of many religious myths.

About the Author

William GrayWilliam G. Gray 1913-1992 was a British occultist, the founder of the magical order the Sangreal Sodality and author of many books. He wrote extensively on the topics of ritual magic,Qabala, the nature of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. His focus was on the mystical unification of humanity with divinity. For Gray, the purpose of developing contact with higher beings is the joint pursuit of the good and the avoidance of evil in the world and in oneself. In many of his works he places a high value on the use of magic for personal development towards these ends.

His major contribution to the Western mystery tradition and the occult was the development of The Rite of Light, also called the Sangreal Sacrament. This was regarded by many, including Israel Regardie, as having given ritual expression to the innermost mysteries of the esoteric orders in a way that did not limit itself to any given religious orientation. His prolific writings are regarded as among the foundations of occult and ritual studies by both practitioners and scholars.

Book Details
ISBN 0958449317
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 210
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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