Multi-Dimensional Thinking - Mind Training to Get the Best out of Life (E-book)

Multi-Dimensional Thinking - Mind Training to Get the Best out of Life (E-book)
Author: Jimmy Henderson
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Multi-Dimensional Thinking gives the reader a completely new view of the possibilities in life, changing from the mundane to the Conscious. This introduces the possibility of achieving dreams and ambitions never before thought to be possible.

The author offers the reader techniques to increase his/her 'mindfulness' to the point of releasing the chains of a troubled past and finding the freedom of our conscience. Once you do this, the possibilities become amazing!

About the author

Jimmy HendersonThe author has been involved in the study of mind and spirit for the past twenty-five years. Jimmy Henderson has published a number of articles on advanced mind-techniques and this is his second book on the subject. He has also been a crisis counselor for many years and has performed part-time lecturing in this field. He is currently an HR specialist and corporate trainer, presenting courses in advanced mind-development. He is a long-standing Rosicrucian (AMORC). He lives and teaches in Durban.

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Book Details
ISBN 9781920535605
Sub-Title Mind Training to Get the Best out of Life
Format E-book (epub)
Pages 288
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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