Spiritual Schizophrenia (E-book)

Spiritual Schizophrenia (E-book)
Author: Magdel Shackleton Ph.D
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Are you one of the many who are in a state of Spiritual Schizophrenia? How do you tell? How does it hinder your spiritual progress? If you consider yourself Born to be Free, then we have to live accordingly. We are NOT spiritually free if we subscribe to a particular church, religion, or have become a disciple to another's path, no matter how wise a sage they are.

The author gives clues as to how to become your own Master and live a life of Freedom, Love, Joy and Fulfillment.The quirky way in which it is written will keep you amused, while the scientific basis of her arguments should convince any sceptic.It is time to stop playing games with the self, to be true to one's own beliefs and to stop trying so hard to follow in the steps of others.

About the Author

Magdel ShackletonPsychic from an early age Magdel set out to solve the mysteries of life and chose to do so through the study of Nuclear Physics in which she obtained her doctorate. Later she was appointed head of Nuclear Medicine at UCT and Groote Schuur Hospital. Magdel showed us what being a free spirit is really like. Magdel was a person with great convictions, she had a big heart,but not a strong one combined with incredible intuitive and psychic abilities. She was a powerful woman who spoke her mind. Her background in Physics together with her psychic abilities uniquely qualified her to address the converging fields of Spirituality and Science.


Book Details
ISBN 9780958497763
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 195
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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