The Tarot Series

The Tarot Series
Author: Anna Burroughs Cook
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Two Tarot books for a special price. All you need to know about Tarot.

Tarot Dynamics - Learn to Read Any Spread
Based on Anna's special easy to learn techniques this book will help the beginner and vastly improve the readings of the practised tarot reader. This book was designed and developed over many years of conducting classes in Tarot. The beauty of it is that it can by substituting your own card deck. Absolutely any deck can be used although an image from the Universal Tarot has been used on the cover and for the illustrations in the text.

Tarot Dynamics Unleashed - The FUNdamental Way to Learn and Read the Tarot
An Easy Guide for ANY Tarot Deck. Place your own cards over the full sized images to get a powerful learning lesson.Using a reader friendly tone Tarot Dynamics Unleashed enables your Tarot Cards to take your intuition even farther.

Five basic keywords accompanied by definitions that apply to today’s situations.
Basic Tarot Spread information that enables you to conduct accurate Tarot readings even from decks that contain more symbols than pictures.
Formatting that enables you to use the 78 card Tarot card deck of YOUR choice.

About the Author
Anna Burroughs CookBased in Ohio in the U.S.A., Anna Burroughs Cook has been teaching the tarot for many years and has become an expert at what can become a very complex subject.

Anna's CV:

TV Evening Sports News with Paul Warfield, November 1979
TV Afternoon Exchange, Dec 1980
Private Class in Tarot and Psychic Development, April 1981
Lecture Series for Adult Education on Tarot and Psychic Development, 1983
Adult Education on Tarot and Psychic Development at Rocky River High School, 1984
Private Class in Tarot and Psychic Development, Parma Ohio 1985
Radio Appearance on WCPN 90.3 FM National Public Radio, October 2000
Author & Teacher of Tarot-Dynamics, April 2003
Interviewed By Lane Strauss for Cleveland Magazine, October 2003
Private Class in Tarot and Psychic Development, October 2007

Book Details
Format 2 Paperbacks
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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