Gaia Luminous e-book

Gaia Luminous e-book
Author: Kiara Windrider
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This remarkable book showcases Kiara’s extraordinary ability to integrate, summarize and structure a vast range of topics from  deeply spiritual teachings to the latest discoveries in science.  Kiara brilliantly and eloquently connects the dots, and presents clear and practical solutions for these complex and precarious times.
For those who are consciously aware of the challenging implications and seek both cosmic perspectives and spiritual guidance, Gaia Luminous is an invaluable resource of scholarly and balanced investigation, combined with profound personal experience.

Kiara is an avid science researcher, exploring connections between galactic cycles, climate change, ancient history, quantum physics, human behavior and spiritual awakening. As an outcome of this extensive research he has come to the firm conviction that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams.
He is currently focused on planetary healing using a system of anchoring divine light known as Ilahinoor. He also teaches Inka shamanic practices, into which he was initiated by Juan Nunez del Prado and Ivan Nunez del Prado. Kiara has worked with Egyptian, Huna and Sufi traditions, and is also rooted in Integral Yoga and the Advaita traditions of India.
He offers workshops and retreats worldwide for awakening to our infinite potential. His greatest wish is to live fully in the wonder of each moment, and to help awaken this beautiful planet to its luminous destiny.

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