The Art of Language ebook

The Art of Language ebook
Author: Mo Khalpey
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The Art of Language is about that internal language that goes on in your head as well as the conversations you have about yourself with others; how the words you speak to yourself can negatively or positively affect your subconscious mind causing the outcomes you have in your life. Words can influence your subconscious mind and thus become a reality for you.
This book is a guide to helping you enhance what you already know.  Everything in life is created through your internal language.  If you had no language you would never know you are having a thought or even remember anything.  Being aware of this internal language can help you create the outcomes you want in life. Use the power of internal dialogue to
•    Create the outcomes you want.
•    Avoid negative and destructive results
•    Transform your life through language.
The Art of Language is an art or skill which can be developed to create the transformation you want and to understanding the ways you can use words and context sentences to transform your life.  It guides you to become aware of this internal or subconscious language so that you can create better outcomes for yourself.  

About the Author

Mo Khalpey is an Author, life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and teacher specialising in coaching self-empowerment, defining and focusing on goals, creating your life plan, developing confidence and self-expression in achieving your goals and dreams.  
Mo also specialises in the area of mind coaching for sports performance and performance arts.  Mo does not use hypnosis in his coaching but rather teaches tech- niques to overcome stress, and meditation to achieve goals faster, proving that when you train your mind first, your body and everything else fol lows.  


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