Icebergs in Africa - Wellness Journey through the Visible and Invisible (E-book)

Icebergs in Africa - Wellness Journey through the Visible and Invisible (E-book)
Author: Julie Shaw
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How a radical holistic wellness model was successfully introduced into a traditional global Corporation. Contains strategies and techniques for introducing wellness into HR programs.

This story of wellness unfolds in a well-known organization with its roots in Africa and with global presence; an organization that’s been around and stayed around for over 115 years.

The concept of wellness is expanded to encompass all-round psychological as well as physical well-being in the business arena.‘Icebergs in Africa’ does not set out to answer the many questions pertaining to wellness at work; rather, it sets out to define a different view on wellness, to ask some important questions, to explain aspects of the De Beers approach, and to explain how a journey that appears to be so organizationally relevant held great personal relevance too.

With a career background that is grounded in HR, but also spans communications and journalism; and a personal interest in what makes people well and unwell in a corporate setting, Julie designed the approach, context and model for Wellness in De Beers. She led the development and piloting of this work in diverse De Beers environments.

Book Details
ISBN 9780958449397
Sub-Title A Wellness Journey through the Visible and the Invisible
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 184
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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